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See Nectar’s fast personal loan process (Video)

Nectar’s charming artificial intelligent bot James can help you with your personal loan inquiry. It couldn’t be simpler, faster or

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Top 3 Reasons People Use Personal Loans

It seems no matter how hard we try, there are underlying money concerns in life. This is not to say

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Personal Loans vs Payday Lenders in New Zealand

If you are in the market to borrow money you have likely stumbled upon personal loans and  payday loans. It

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Will My Credit Score Drop if I Apply for Too Many Loans?

Recently, you may have considered taking out a loan or getting a credit card. Whether you are buying a new

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Meet James, Nectar’s AI powered ‘Personal Loan’ bot

In the increasingly disruptive personal loan space, lenders are looking for ways to differentiate their offerings, provide superior customer experience,

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How Do I Get a Credit Report in 2017?

In 2017, many Kiwis will look to borrow money to buy a home, purchase a vehicle or consolidate debt. Fortunately,

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