About Us

Loans made simple

Nectar is built by a team of passionate New Zealanders. Quite simply, our mission is to provide the simplest, fastest and most transparent way for Kiwis to get a loan.

Digital Lending
We are a digital lending company – 100% online. Our technology can provide interactive loan offers within 7 minutes on your mobile phone – 24/7 – so that you can focus on the important things in life. This lowers our costs and these cost savings are passed on to you via our low establishment fees and competitive interest rates.

We know time is of the essence so we are one step ahead. Our real-time credit decision technology allows us to provide an interactive flexible loan offer in as little as 7 minutes.

The level of self-service Nectar provides puts the power in your hands.

Get credit for who you really are
Better than the banks give you credit for – we go beyond the traditional method of assessing credit and use a variety of data sources to create a 360-degree profile of our customers. This allows us to offer you the right loan, at the right price, in real time.

We provide a secure and personalised experience. Compared with traditional lenders, applying for a loan with Nectar is faster, less stressful and offers more clarity. With Nectar you are able to review your loan options in complete anonymity, or, if you prefer, our experienced team is available to provide any answers and support you require.

100% online
Say goodbye to paperwork. Say hello to money when you need it and money direct to your account within a day. And no charge for early repayment.

Nectar – Push button. Get loan!