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Category: Budgeting

The Loud Budgeting Social Media Trend in 2024

Loud budgeting involves individuals openly sharing their budgeting strategies, financial goals, and financial progress on social media platforms.

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How to manage money in your 60s

Good personal finance skills will ensure your 60s and beyond are a time to enjoy life and retirement.

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How to manage money in your 50s

Managing money in your 50s is critical as you think about retirement. Agree your financial plan and goals today.

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How to manage money in your 40s

Managing money in your 40s is important for singles and couples. You need a financial plan and goals.

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How to manage money in your 30s

Managing your money is not a set-and-forget task. This article talks about managing money in your 30s.

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Why is it important for women to be financially literate?

What are Kiwi women concerned about when it comes to their finances? What are the barriers to financial wellbeing?

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