Top 3 Reasons People Use Personal Loans

It seems no matter how hard we try, there are underlying money concerns in life. This is not to say one is unsuccessful or lacks financially savvy; it’s just life. Right when you pay off your car, you have to get new tires and some work done under the hood. As soon as you pay down your credit cards, a major expense pops up. You are not alone in when it comes to these types of stressful situations. Fortunately, there are financial lenders that can help alleviate some this pain. To get started on a personal loan application from Nectar click here.

The top three reasons people use personal loans are debt consolidation, emergency money and personal expenses such as a car or trip. Let’s discuss these in greater detail:

Debt Consolidation

Personal loans are a great way to save money with lower interest rates. Let’s say you have a credit card at 21% interest, a second credit card at 23% interest and a car loan at 13% interest. A personal loan will allow you to consolidate all of these debts into one lump sum often at a lower interest rate. Some of our customers have saved thousands of dollars by consolidating high interest rate credit cards and loans. We can assist you with a loan calculator which will allow you better understand how much you are going to pay per month and, ultimately, how much you are going to be able to save in the long run.

Emergency Loans

As mentioned, emergencies happen. We get sick, into car accidents or need some extra cash when we didn’t get paid on time. Fortunately, personal loans can help during these stressful times. Very few Kiwis go through life without a major emergency causing them financial concerns. Rather than worrying about paying that hospital bill or being able to afford to get your car repaired, it is a wise decision to apply for a personal loan so you will be able to sleep easier at night.

There is no reason to make a stressful situation even worse by not having the money to pay to properly address the emergency. You should not try to cut prescription medication pills in half to reduce your costs. Doctors have prescribed the correct amount for a reason. You shouldn’t be driving around in a vehicle that has bald tires or is unsafe. Do not risk your health or your personal well being trying to save a few extra dollars.

Personal Expenses

The Christmas and Holiday shopping season is almost upon us. This means that a large majority of Kiwis will hit the shopping malls and other shopping locations to buy presents. It is well known that December is the busiest shopping month of the year in most countries worldwide. One reason to get a personal loan is to cover personal expenses. These expenses could range from Christmas shopping to buying a car to taking a well needed vacation.

If you are in need of some extra cash for personal reasons, do not hesitate to start your Nectar personal loan application today.

*Nectar’s lending criteria and responsible lending checks apply.