Frequently Asked Questions

What is Payment Protection Insurance?

Nectar recommends you consider taking Payment Protection Insurance with your loan, however it is completely optional.

Payment Protection Insurance covers loan repayments in cases where you may become totally disabled through accident or illness, or are made redundant (for employees) or declared bankrupt (for self-employed).

In such cases, you are protected against having to make payments for the duration of the disability, or in the case of redundancy or bankruptcy for six months. Note there is a 28 day stand down period for redundancy or bankruptcy and 7 day stand down period for disability before the policy will come into effect. In the case of your death, the balance of outstanding payments (less any arrears) will be paid.

Payment protection insurance is offered during the loan application process. The specific policy offered to you will depend on your employment situation.

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Please note an alternative provider policy is available on request.