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How do I get my pay-off amount?

To request a settlement figure please contact our customer service team on 0800 855 888 or logging into your dashboard,

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How do I view upcoming payments?

You can view your next payment date and amount by logging into your dashboard and selecting ‘Loan Summary’.

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When is my first payment due?

Your initial repayment is scheduled on your first pay date after you receive you loan. If your first pay date

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Can I pay off my loan early?/Can I make additional payments?

Nectar does not have any penalties or fees for early payments. At Nectar, you have the flexibility to pay off

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How can Nectar help improve my Credit Score?

Nectar reports to various Credit Bureaus each month including your payment information. Successfully making payments on time may improve your

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How do I make payments?

To help make repaying your loan as simple as possible, during the loan application process we collect your bank details

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