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Paying Off High Interest Credit Card Debts with Personal Loan in NZ

Are you struggling with high interest credit card debt? If so, paying off your credit card debts with a personal loan

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Should You Pay for a Credit Report in One Day?

In the next several months many people will attempt to borrow money in New Zealand. Before doing so, it is

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Should You Get a Personal Loan to Pay Off High Interest Rate Credit Cards?

Many New Zealanders have racked up credit card debt on their MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Diner’s club credit cards.

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How Do I Get a Credit Report in 2017?

In 2017, many Kiwis will look to borrow money to buy a home, purchase a vehicle or consolidate debt. Fortunately,

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Can a Personal Loan Help Me Through My Study?

There are over 180,000 tertiary or university students in New Zealand. Unfortunately, many of these students are struggling when it

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Only 40% of New Zealanders repay their credit cards on time

It was recently reported in the media only 40% of New Zealanders repay their credit cards on time. Click below

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