Meet James, Nectar’s AI powered ‘Personal Loan’ bot

In the increasingly disruptive personal loan space, lenders are looking for ways to differentiate their offerings, provide superior customer experience, and reduce costs for themselves and their customers through automation.

ChatBots, which are computer programs designed to simulate conversation with human users, are increasingly how digital businesses choose to interact with their customers. They provide businesses the opportunity to engage with their customers through messaging apps.

Messaging apps now have more active users than even social media networks such as Facebook.

Embracing new technologies such as Chatbots is one-way personal loan providers are looking to get ahead of the competition.

“Businesses have 1 – 3 minutes to provide what the customer is looking for”

People are looking for convenience in every facet of their lives, and personal loans are no exception. Borrowers don’t want to spend 10 minutes reading a website, they want their questions answered instantly – 24/7.

Online in 2018, businesses have 1 – 3 minutes to provide what the customer is looking for, or risk losing the customer.

Meet James

Nectar ( has introduced New Zealand’s first loan bot ‘James’ which helps people navigate the often hard to understand world of personal loans. Using natural language processing, James can understand and answer questions, provide quotes, and even help you through a loan application.

James is fast becoming an affectionate member of the Nectar team, and can do the work of an entire call center. Nectar is expecting big things of James, he is already facilitating millions of dollars in personal loan applications.

Nectar’s bot can be found on messenger at

*Nectar’s lending criteria and responsible lending checks apply.