Nectar Wholesale Marketplace

Important Note: Nectar’s marketplace is available to wholesale investors only (certification of a minimum of $5m in assets required), with a minimum investment through the Nectar platform of $100,000.

Nectar’s Marketplace facilitates investment directly into consumer loans originated on the Nectar platform.

Platform Highlights


Nectar’s Marketplace platform provides diversification across a range of risk based priced consumer loans.

Superior Returns

Nectar's platform provides investors with a 9.0%+ return.

Advanced Risk Based Scoring

Nectar’s credit scoring process uses 100’s of data points to carefully understand the risk and financial capacity of borrowers. Nectar uses comprehensive credit information from multiple bureaus and connects with the borrowers bank account to verify their information and banking conduct. Nectar uses this data to assign an appropriate risk adjusted interest rate and borrowing ceiling for each borrower.

Security Trust

Nectar’s Security Trust is required to repurchase loan contracts from an investor in the event of a loan default. This reserve capital model has proved popular overseas and provides a high level of assurance to investors by making Nectar responsible for all loans originated on the platform.

Mobile First, Digital First
Borrowing Experience

Nectar’s mission is to provide a better borrowing experience for New Zealanders by providing a simple, fast and transparent personal loan option. Our risk based pricing ensures customers get a rate they deserve, and a loan tailored to their unique situation.

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*Investment in the Nectar Marketplace is not a “regulated offer” and does not require disclosure for the purposes of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMCA) as all investors must satisfy an exclusion available under Schedule 1 of the FMCA prior to any investment being made. Further information on the FMCA requirements can be made available upon request. Any enquiries from persons who require disclosure under Part 3 of the FMCA will not be considered. Any investment funds provided by such persons will be returned.